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  • What should I do to prepare for my Airbrush tan?
    24 Hours Prior to your Airbrush Tan (Pre-Tan Care): Shave or use depilatory cream to remove unwanted body hair. Exfoliate entire body with mild, oil-free exfoliant. Pack your spray tanning bag: hair tie, swimsuit or underwear (cotton), dark loose fitting clothing (cotton; pajamas are great!), flip flops, an umbrella (in case of bad weather), and a large black towel to place over your car seat to avoid staining. Women may tan however they feel comfortable. Men are required to wear underwear or a swimsuit 8 Hours Prior to your Airbrush Tan (Pre-Tan Care): Shower, but do not apply body oils or moisturizer to skin (unless you have very dry skin) as this can create a barrier on your skin. Wear clothing to and from your spray tanning appointment that are dark in color, preferably black and loose fitting (cotton clothing-avoid wool, nylon or silk—pajama bottoms and a t-shirt are perfect) to avoid excess contact or staining to your clothing after your spray tan. Do not wear tight fitting jeans, pants, or shorts, or light synthetic fabrics to your appointment. It is advisable to wear flip flops to and from your spray tan appointment. Plan your day so that you can arrive at your appointment at least 10 minutes early so that you can properly prepare.
  • How do I care for tan afterwards?
    First Hour After your Airbrush Tan (Post-Tan Care): Wipe off the palms of your hands with a baby wipe. Use a fan, blow dryer or air hose to accelerate drying of your skin. Wait at least 5 minutes before getting dressed. Place a towel over your driver’s seat for your car ride home. 6–8 Hours (Regular Tan) or 2–4 Hours (Rapid Tan) After your Airbrush Tan (Post-Tan Care): Avoid any activity that would cause sweating; exercise, cleaning, or showering, as your spray tan is developing during these hours. Contact with water or sweat could result in lines or uneven tanning. If you choose to sleep in your airbrush tan so that it darkens overnight, please cover your bed with dark sheets and pillow cases so that any bronzer does not stain your regular sheets. 8+ Hours After your Airbrush Tan (Post-Tan Care): Shower normally. You will see some color wash away from your skin. This is completely normal, and was only the color guard (instant tan that you could see after your airbrush tan). The color guard is used to give immediate tan results, but also so that the technician may see where they are applying solution. Do not be concerned by this, as your developed tan is still there. Wash with mild, moisturizing shower gel (do not use a washcloth or loofah, as this will rub off your tan). Do not wash in very hot water; this can cause your tan to fade more quickly than washing in milder temperatures. While you are drying, remember to pat, not rub your skin. Apply a moisturizer in the am and pm.
  • How long can I expect my spray tan to last?
    All tans are two coats to ensure coverage and long wear and can last 5-10 days depending on how the skin is prepped (see Pre-Tan Prep) and taken care of afterwards (see Post-Tan Care). Products used are natural organic base in aloe vera gel, fast-drying and paraben-free. The bronzing solutiongives a very natural golden brown color (no orange), and can be manipulated lighter or darker, depending on your preference. The Life of Your Air Brush Tan (Post-Tan Care): The life of your airbrush tan depends on the care you take of your skin. Moisturize twice a day, hydrated skin retains the tan longer. Choose a moisturizer that does not contain mineral oil. The following products have been shown to reduce the number of days that the airbrush tan will remain on the skin, so try to find alternatives or simply avoid these products until just before your next airbrush tanning session. Band aids, face masks, or Biore pore strips Bar soaps Anti-aging or anti-acne products Hair removal creams and shaving Perfumes Alcohol-based products Avoid contact with water for the first 2 hours. Avoid lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) and mineral oil as these may cause skin exfoliation Avoid any activities that may cause skin exfoliation No hot, luxurious baths after your tan! That will make your skin exfoliate faster, as will rolling in the sand on the beach. We recommend not getting a pedicure after your tan. Plan ahead and get your pedicure a day or so before your spray tan or do a polish change. The exfoliant and water soak will take the color off legs and feet. Manicures are fine. Hydrated skin retains the tan longer. MOISTURIZE …MOISTURIZE …MOISTURIZE!! (Choose a moisturizer that does not contain mineral oil). ALSO AVOID: Baby oil, Dove and Dial products, cocoa butter, scented lotions (Victoria's Secret/Bath & Body Works), oil-based products and products containing mineral oil, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's), alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. These will all fade your spray tan color. If at all possible, you should also try to avoid contact with chlorine or excessive sweating inside of closed toes shoes, as both can lead to premature fading of an airbrush tan.
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